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Since you have everything that's needed to run, check the order of your spark plug wires.

1996 Chevrolet... | Answered 8 hours ago

Visit the on-line store, know as reliable-store, they have the repair manuals. I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem.
Best Manuals

Chevrolet Cars &... | Answered 9 hours ago


Vacuum diapragm actuator band-aid on 96 chevy blazer four wheel drive

I inherited a rust bucket that ran great but had lots of small, irritating problems. One of those problems was the 4 wheel drive not engaging the front axle. The actuator is a big vacuum diaphragm that pulls a cable that moves a shift fork that engages the front axle to the transfer case. The problem was that the vacuum actuator was covered in very tiny pinholes. I verified this by applying a vacuum, seeing the diaphragm pull in its guts, then watching it slowly re-inflate and hiss at me with the vacuum hose still attached and no other visible or audible leaks. What I found was that, in a pinch, a couple of layers of liquid electrical tape will seal it up enough to make it work fine for a couple of weeks. The trick is to make sure to clean the rubber well with denatured alcohol and to let those layers dry COMPLETELY before applying vacuum again. Only takes a couple of hours. Helps when you live upstate in the mountains and nobody can get your part for a few days. At least you can get unstuck, drive down to the parts store and yell at the guy IN PERSON.

13 hours ago | Chevrolet Chevy Cars & Trucks

You can't. It is a safety feature to stop a child doing that, and rolling away. The key has to be in and turned on and your foot has to be on the brake.

Chevrolet... | Answered 14 hours ago

Disconnect the fuel line off the carb then turn the starter over. There should be gas shoot out. If not your fuel pump may be shot. have you ever changed the fuel filter? If its plugged it will not work.

2001 Chevrolet... | Answered 15 hours ago

If the fuse is still good, the radio is toast. Better than having the main computer fry, which can happen when the battery is reversed.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered 16 hours ago

Dear Sylvia,
Of course you can replace the computer, but remember, if you have not fixed the problem to cause these symptoms, you may find the new computer will not work either.
You need to be absolutely sure the computer is the problem.
It would take many pages of this web site to tell you how to replace the computer, so it will be just as easy for you to go to a library or a car parts store, and get a repair manual and follow those instructions.
Libraries check out such book, you need not buy them.
Some name brands are : "Chilton's", "Motor's", and "Haynes".
All are make and model specific.
God bless your efforts.

2005 Chevrolet... | Answered 19 hours ago

I would think that this problem is from a defective ignition starter switch.

Chevrolet... | Answered 22 hours ago

Front of the car inside the fenders .

2005 Chevrolet... | Answered 23 hours ago

This can be caused by a failing fuel pump inside the tank, it is more common than I ever thought until I ran across it myself.

Chevrolet Cruze... | Answered 23 hours ago

Manually Moving the Folding Top from the Down Position
Important: Allow the system a minimum of four minutes to bleed down pressure after the last cycle.
Manually release the folding top cover latch using the emergency release cable.
Raise the folding top stowage cover.
Manually raise the folding top, holding the 5 bow up.
Manually lower and latch the folding top stowage cover.
Manually unfold the top and latch per normal procedure.

Manually Moving the Folding Top from the Up Position
Important: Allow the system a minimum of four minutes to bleed down pressure after the last cycle.
Manually release header latch per normal operation.
Manually lift front of roof off of the header and raise the #5 bow at the same time.
Manually release the Folding Top Cover latch using the emergency release cable.
Fold the roof down into the well.
Manually close and latch the folding top stowage cover.

Power Folding Top System Components
The power folding top system consists of the following components:
• Folding top control (FTC) module
• Body control module (BCM)
• Folding top control switch
• Serial data communication
• Folding top cover latch actuator
• Folding top cover pull down actuator
• Folding top pump motor with valve manifold
• Position switches and limit switches:
- Pin receiver switch
- Luggage barrier switch
- Folding top cover open switch
- Top open switch
- Top closed switch
- 5 bow raised switch
- 5 bow lowered switch
• Tonneau release relay
• BATT 2 Fuse 40 A
• Folding top mechanical components:
- Folding top
- Folding top cover
- Folding top valve 1
- Folding top valve 2
- Folding top valve 3
- Hydraulic lines and cylinders

Folding Top Cover Latch Actuator
The power folding top system includes a folding top cover that is powered open and close by a hydraulic system that is controlled by the FTC module. A power unlatch motor is used to unlatch the folding top cover before the folding top control (FTC) module powers the top cover open. The folding top cover unlatching is requested by the FTC module via class 2 message, but is executed by the body control module (BCM). When requested, the BCM applies battery voltage through the folding top cover release relay control circuit to the tonneau release relay. The relay is energized and battery voltage is applied through the folding top cover release control circuit to the latch actuator. The actuator is energized and the latch releases the folding top cover.

The electronics on this are very complex ,

System Operation
Before any movement of the power folding top is allowed, the folding top control (FTC) module must be aware of the following conditions:
• Unlatch the header. The FTC module reads the pin receiver switch is Inactive.
• The windows must be normalized. Refer to Power Window Reinitialization.
• The ignition must be placed in Accessory or RUN.
• The transmission must be placed in PARK, or with manual transmission, the park brake must be applied.
• Trunk status must not be ajar.
• The luggage barrier must be in place.
• The pump motor temperature must be within the operating range.

After the last cycle of power folding top operation, allow the hydraulic system a minimum of 4 minutes to bleed down before attempting manual operation of the top.
Your best bet take and have it checked for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes .
DTC B3666 Rear Tonneau Position Error
DTC B3667 Tonneau Release Circuit
DTC B1011
DTC B1291
DTC B1420
DTC B3602
DTC B3666
DTC B3667
DTC B3670
DTC B3971

2007 Chevrolet... | Answered 24 hours ago

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